GUSTAF OLOV WALDENSTRÖM (born in 1985) is an artist from Sweden.

Gustaf was born in Stockholm where he lives and works.
He has a backround from studying science and mathematics.
Since 2016 he has been active as an artist with exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad.

Gustaf is mainly an autodidact artist and
is currently studying at the private art school Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm.


- County museum, Nacka (Stockholm)

- Kaarisilta biennial (Helsinki, Finland)

- Bishop Eva Brunne's representative apartment, Östermalm (Stockholm)

- Gallery Inuti (Stockholm)

- Edsvik konsthall - ART- BRUT – JAPAN OCH SVERIGE


Interests: science, philosophy, music theory, theology


Instagram: art_g_waldenstrom


Phone number: +46729 02 42 45